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We combine technical expertise, awesome content and authoritative backlinks to ensure you are positioned where you want to be in organic search results. 
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Improve your websites visibility on Google

At Spang Digital, we know what it takes to ensure you have successful and sustainable SEO. Technical expertise, engaging and shareable content, brand exposure and website structure are all key components to ensure you rank on the first page of Google.

Organic search is no longer a stand alone discipline, but with the right balance and the right technical expert you can drastically improve your website’s rankings in reasonable timeframes. Watch your organic traffic and conversions grow with Spang Digital.

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Wellington and Wairarapa SEO agency

Based in Wellington and Wairarapa, Spang Digital is a reliable and transparent SEO agency that helps to grow the organic visibility of your website in Google and Bing search engines. Our main goal is to generate clients more organic traffic and website conversions that can be easily tracked through Google Analytics. 

Search engine optimisation is more than simply working out the best way to increase organic search rankings over time. It's about using data to understand how users behave online, what they search for, what devices they use to browse and what location they are in.


Organic SEO services

For each campaign, we combine organic SEO, marketing, and development to closely align your messaging to ensure we generate the best results for your website. All digital marketing strategies are carefully planned, activated, monitored and optimised by our SEO agency to ensure it returns value for you and delivers on your objectives. 

All of our work can be tracked through Google Analytics and Google Search console so you can track user behaviour and SERP rankings. 
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Increase visibility

Improve the keyword ranking of your website on Google to ensure that your website is seen by as many people as possible. 

Increase organic traffic

Ensure your metadata and site structure is optimised to encourage users to click through to your website from search results pages (SERPS).

Increase leads and conversions 

Ultimately the goal of doing any SEO work is to increase the amount of leads and conversions on your website.  Set yourself up for success.

Need your website migrated?

If you're thinking of changing domains or want to secure your website through a hosting service contact Spang Digital today. 

We offer website migrations as part of our technical SEO service to you, to ensure that you don’t lose any traffic or ranking. Doing a domain switch can be risky, always make sure you engage a specialist. 

Relevancy and authority

Search Engine Optimisation has changed dramatically over the past 12 years. Initiatives that were implemented even as early as two years ago no longer drive SEO results. A lot of old practices are now penalised by Google which decreases your domain and website visibility.

When looking at increasing organic traffic to any domain in an SEO project we look at two core factors:

  • Authority: how authoritative or strong the domain for the website is
  • Relevancy: this boils down to customer experience. How relevant is the website going to be to a targeted visitor who searches keywords relevant to your domain.

These two factors are considered complementary disciplines of SEO. On site and Off site SEO.

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On site SEO

On site optimisations to your search ranking are changes that can be directly made to your website and are completely within our control. 

This breaks down the technical SEO implementation into parts such as (but not limited to): 

  • Metadata optimisation
  • Content optimisation
  • Page speed
  • Correction of any 404 errors and 301 redirects
  • XML and HTML sitemap optimisation
  • URL structure and information architecture
  • Web design
  • Duplicate content
  • Domain crawlability much more


Structured data that improves your search ranking

Structured data is important to get right. Doing so means search engines crawlers can organise and display your content. We’ll do all the leg work for you to ensure you can claim those top positions on Google and Bing.

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Content optimisation

A large proportion of SEO activity consists in researching, creating and optimising content. Content in it’s simplest form is information on your website. Without a URL or landing page optimised to common keywords people are searching on Google, there is next to no chance that you will show up on the first page of Google.

When we develop a content strategy we have the short term benefit and long term success in mind. We look at the entire website domain and optimise each area accordingly. Google crawl your site in the same way, so if we know how Google works, we can align your website to best practice.

We have top in-house writers that find the balance between content optimisation and customer experience. This ultimately increases the time a user spends on your website.


Off-site SEO

Offsite SEO is considered to be the trustworthiness of your website domain. From a simplistic view authority to a domain is increased through links to the website. This isn’t just down to the number of links you have, instead it’s broken down into three elements:

  • The number of linking route domains to another domain
  • The power and trust of the linking domains
  • How relevant these linking domains are to your domain
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Link building services

We combine elements of content marketing, influencer and blogger outreach and PR to drive link acquisition for your website. We boost the authority of your site that drives relevant quality links through to your domain.

At Spang Digital we utilise hero content and a network of connections to feature your content on reputable websites. As part of this placement a link is normally provided back to the company as a form of citation.

Our off-site search engine optimisation strategy enables us to deliver authoritative & relevant backlinks in accordance with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

We also use traditional techniques such as branded events, brand link building and blogger reach. We focus on WhiteHat SEO practices which mean no matter what Google changes to their algorithm, your strategy will not be impacted.

This approach to off-site search engine optimisation enables us to drive some incredibly authoritative & relevant backlinks in accordance with Google’s webmaster guidelines.


WhiteHat SEO strategies

We follow Google’s guidelines to make sure that your website will see success in years to come. WhiteHat digital marketing strategies include:

  • Natural link acquisition
  • Relevancy to your brand
  • Consistent and structured outreach
  • Experienced content writers

If you’re unsure about how Google’s algorithms or guidelines impact your website, get in touch with Spang Digital.

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SEO reporting and analytics

It’s important to be able to track how our SEO reporting is impacting your business and bottom line.

We create tailored reports that are accessible anytime through Google Data Studio to ensure results are easily understood and communicated.

Our reports contain data sources from authentic and reliable sources, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console and other sources.

Keen to learn more? Give Spang Digital a call. We’d love to hear from you.


Frequently asked questions

Why should I work with Spang Digital SEO Agency?

At Spang Digital we are dedicated to delivering commercial SEO results for your company. We work hand in hand to implement all the necessary changes to make your website healthy. SEO is at the front of our mind when we consider any decisions along the way. 

Are keywords important for SEO?

Search engines are getting smarter. They understand user intent and their guidelines are to write for users rather than search engines. We know this to be true and customer experience is important, but keyword analysis is very important to ensure you’re targeting the right audience and showing up for the right searches. 

How long does it take to start ranking?

It really depends on your industry and the authority of your website. The less competitive your industry is the higher your existing domain authority will be, the earlier we will start seeing positive results.

We are confident that in general, you will start to see organic traffic and conversions grow after 3-6 months. It is important to note that SEO is an ongoing process and much be maintained to ensure long term success.

How much does SEO cost?

SEO for small to medium companies with little competition looking to define their SEO strategy cost from $1,000 to $2,000 to set up the strategy and a monthly fee anywhere between $50 to $200 per month. 

This said, we offer a range of bespoke packages and can cater to all business sizes. Get in touch with us to discover how we can best support you and your company.

How does the process start?

We generally have a kick off meeting to discuss your website and business. Our flexibility means that we are happy to conduct a meeting whenever suits you best. We will work with you to ensure we capture your goals and set the strategy around tangible deliverables that help you meet them. We will then present back your SEO strategy and get the ball rolling.

How do you report on progress?

We create and deliver Google Data Studio reports that are available at any time for you to view along with commentary. We combine Google tools to ensure you get the complete picture of the work we are doing and how you are progressing with your tailored SEO strategy.

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